KLexServe has the capability to provide the following compliances services:
KLexServe legal team can assist the client in complying with an increasing array of legal statutory and regulatory compliance and scrutiny from government institutions such as HR/ Labour laws, commercial establishment laws and guidelines etc.
KLexServe enables clients receive information on customer service, policy compliance, appearance, quality, consistency of operations, inventory status and demonstration equipment or competitive pricing, intelligence and operational audits in an objective and efficient manner. The physical audits empower retailers to monitor the day-to-day operations in the field and evaluate the shopping experience given to the end customer.
KLexServe has engineered a unique Web Crawler Programme which allows the client company to keep a check on various E-Commerce website which sells the products & services by various franchisees & re-sellers. The client can define the scope of check and our research team produces evidence based reports on various violations & non-compliance of client's norms after the execution of web crawler program.
Legal Compliance
Mystery Shopping
Internet Publicity Watchdog ("LexCrawler")
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