About the Client

Client - A multinational company with North American headquarters in Canada and revenues in excess of US $ 21 billion.
Contract Generation, Review & Management
Document Management System
The critical resources of the Client’s legal department were getting drained in maintaining and managing an ever increasing inventory of physical agreements and keeping track of the status of renewal and other commercial terms and conditions of the said agreements. The Client required a cost effective solution to :

Create an electronic database for archiving all agreements drafted by the Client’s in-house legal department spanning over a decade.

Review the agreements for identifying and extracting information specific to each agreement and archiving them into a central searchable database for ease of reference and retrieval at any later date.
The client was provided with a comprehensive LPO audit where the problem was assessed and the client was offered a proprietary web based smart Document Management Solution (DMS) customized to suit the specific requirements of the client. Only authorized users of the client’s legal department were granted access to KLexserve ’s innovative, robust, web-enabled, user-friendly and secure DMS after successful authentication. The client’s authorized users were assigned rights to upload the scanned agreements and all related correspondence pertaining to each agreement into a secure web link. The uploaded agreements were then reviewed by lawyers at KLexServe to identify and summarize the key terms specific to each agreement such as author(s), the recipient(s), the purpose, the custodian and the date and code them into a central secure electronic database. For ease of reference, all agreements were stored in a hierarchical manner into an electronic library. KLexserve ’s DMS was also equipped with a powerful search engine enabling the client to retrieve any agreement at the click of a button.
Reduced turnaround time.
50-75% savings in costs.
Ability to enhance productivity and efficiency by working smartly.
Ability to generate intelligent criteria driven MIS and statistical analysis reports on-the-fly.
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