India has a very different cost structure than North America, Europe, UK & allowing LPO clients to enjoy cost savings for comparable legal support services at very large discounts that range from 60-80%, depending upon the service.
The use of LPO allows corporations to streamline repetitive and document intensive tasks through the use of low cost, high quality LPO professionals and specialty designed LPO software solutions that automate various legal process tasks, reducing the number of professionals involved and thereby driving down costs significantly.
LPO allows corporations to free up high cost legal talent to focus on high margin matters as opposed to low margin, repetitive tasks. This allows clients to focus on their core competencies and devote the valuable time of their critical resources on complex and high margin legal functions.
LPOs work while North America sleeps allowing work to be done on a 24 hour basis.
KLexServe professionals are highly qualified knowledgeable and trustworthy. Our professionals are educated at top law schools in India and Europe. Like USA, the Indian legal system is based upon the British precedent, meaning that Indian LPO professionals can seamlessly adapt to matters pertaining to US laws.
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