Information security is essential in order to prevent potentially costly and critical security lapses

KLexServe has the ability to draw upon the rich and diversified experience of experts in the fields of Information Security, Legal, Surveillance, Internet Communication & Technology (ICT) and the best practices adopted by the leading security/corporate investigation agencies to provide the highest quality of information security consulting and other allied services at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Our services are not limited merely to identifying and recommending effective countermeasures but are also extended to effective implementation and continuous up-gradation and support.

We believe in learning as a continuous process, and therefore in line with our corporate strategy we at KLexServe established a R&D division for keeping in pace with the technological changes and contribute through our innovations in the security arena.

Our Consultants bring their unique experience and the latest technology to address their clients’ vital security needs.

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of organizations' information assets is the key for credibility.
KLexServe has the ability to offer high quality, high value corporate investigation and Digital Forensics including Computer Forensics for tackling computer frauds
KLexServe is the Marketing Alliance Partner & System Integrator of Verint , the worldwide leader in networked video - an innovator in video technology
With the secure network design/topology – it is possible to mitigate risk without compromising
We believe information security is a critical part of business continuity in modern technology driven economies.
In the era where almost all spheres of human activities are digitalized there are individuals with malafide intensions
We specialize in conducting Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments tests. Our team of information security experts prepares
Server hardening consists of creating a baseline for the security on the servers in an organization. The default configurations of the Servers are not
Like the real world, cyber world too is governed by set of rules. A deviation from these rules may attract penal provisions of the relevant statute.
Wireless local-area networks (WLANs) have a deployment advantage; they foster creativity by enabling users to roam freely within the network's range.
Video Surveillance
Secure Network Architecture Design
Server Hardening
Corporate training; security & Investigation
IT Act 2000 Consulting & Compliance
Cyber Forensics
Wi – Fi Security
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