KLexServe has the ability to offer its clients highly customized, smart software solutions to streamline and automate the following administrative needs and other challenges faced by corporate in-house legal departments and law firms every day. These proprietary solutions serve to dramatically increase efficiencies and reduce costs over time while maintaining the highest standards of quality and confidentiality.

The web based solutions offered by the company include but are not limited to:

Trademark & IP Portfolio Management
Property Management System
Litigation Case Management ("LexCases")
Contract Lifecycle Management ("CLM")
The aforesaid web enabled solutions are developed in-house by KLexServe’s technology experts and can be made available to clients on-demand.
For the in-house legal departments of large multinational corporations, maintaining the worldwide IP portfolio comprising of a huge database of registered trademarks, patent, copyrights, designs, service marks and geographical indication is an onerous task.

KLexServe has pioneered a web-enabled software solution, Electronic Trademark and Intellectual Property System (E-TIPS) to streamline record keeping of the worldwide IP portfolio of multinational corporations thereby, providing a significant saving in costs to clients.

KLexServe’s Property Management System is a robust and cost efficient web-based tool, which synchronize the client’s properties on a global basis. It allows users to monitor property related transactions in real time with detailed up to the minute reporting. The system enables the client Mangers to access property related MIS reports in real time and has advanced alert and reminder features on Expiry and Renewal due of Lease, non-compliance of any governing laws applicable to property et al.
LexCases is a smart case management tool, which allows attorneys; litigators work efficiently in dealing with litigation matters. Each matter brings together legal documents, docket items, contacts, communications, trial materials, costs and numerous other relevant information in one place, letting litigation support staff manage their matter load.
KLexServe has pioneered a proprietary web-based, logic driven document assembly engine with work flow management to manage and maintain the complete lifecycle of standard contracts and agreements such as the Confidentiality Agreements/Non-Disclosure Agreements, Employment Agreements, Franchisee Agreements, Engagement Letters, and other standard form driven corporate documentation including but not limited to:
Automated generation of First Draft of Contracts
Contract Review
Monitoring and maintaining a secure central repository of the same for instant retrieval at a future date
Ability to generate intelligent criteria driven report/charts on the fly
Ability to fetch desired information using a powerful search engine with basic, advanced, full text & keyword based search features
Trademark & Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Property Management System
Litigation Case Management ("LexCases")
Contract Lifecycle Management ("CLM")
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