Multiple layers of security protect software applications and data residing on our servers

KLexServe web servers are co-located in fast, reliable, robust and secure IDC “Internet Data Center” environment of the premier “Internet Service Providers” bound by water tight SLAs

The web servers are co-located in a restricted zone and only authorized people are allowed to enter the area and access the web server after providing their identity proof. Further, all physical visits to the server area are logged

 Our web servers are equipped with Intrusion Detection Systems and multiple Firewalls (Hardware and Software) thereby, shielding the servers from hackers and attack from unwanted visitors

The web servers are hosted at ISP facilities that have high end infrastructure including but not limited to CCTVs, access control systems, appropriate sized UPS, backup power, air conditioning, smoke/fire detectors, fire extinguishers, waterproofing etc.

The web server is well equipped with Dual Power Supply and data redundancy tools such as HOT SWAP RAID-5 level to mitigate any unforeseen risk

Our Server Administrators proactively monitor the web servers by keeping an eye for attempted intrusions and constantly upgrade our technologies and systems to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and to avoid unplanned server downtime

The web servers are equipped with server management software and diagnostic & detective tools such as anti-virus, firewall, etc. Such tools continuously scan themselves for a symptom of interruption or collect such information from external sources and raise an alarm in a timely fashion

Our server administrators take regular backups of databases and other key information hosted on the servers
Access to our proprietary web-enabled applications is based on a password/login challenge at the primary level. Upon successful acceptance of the password, all data transfer and communications to and from the client browser to our web server happen through a secure socket layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption (1024 bits for key exchange). Further, critical client data is encrypted at the time of storage in our database.
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