We specialize in designing and developing, in-house, state-of-the art, robust and secure web-enabled applications that are hosted on Hi-end web servers that sit behind multiple hardware and software firewalls and are located at secure data centres of high-speed, premier ISPs bound by water tight SLAs. At KLexServe, we use the cutting edge hosting facility as used by some of the leading banks and financial institutions.

KLexServe web applications are written in security-enhanced Microsoft .NET Framework using ASP.NET, XML Web Services, Enterprise Services (COM+), .NET Remoting, or Microsoft ADO.NET. Our proprietary web applications focus on the key elements of authentication, authorization, and secure communication within and across the tiers of distributed .NET web applications to help ensure that all communication remains private and are not altered by unauthorized parties.

Access to our web-enabled applications is based on a password/login challenge. When the password is accepted, all communications to and from the server are through a secure socket layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption (1024 bits for key exchange).

Unlike law firm or corporate networks, our servers do not receive email or other Internet traffic, such as real audio/video files. All of these protocols are stopped at our firewall. This significantly reduces the usual network security holes found in law firm and corporate networks.
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