Fortune 75 Company achieves economies of scale in Contract Generation, Review and Management.

Client- A Fortune 75 company is a global market leader in its industry with approximately 150,000 employees working from 1300 locations worldwide and servicing customers located in 150 countries.
Contract Generation, Review & Management
Document Management System
Client required a cost effective solution to efficiently manage the generation of customized NDAs on a worldwide basis.
Client had retained outside legal counsel to draft and review NDAs and found the results to be very costly and the process to be onerous.
A comprehensive LPO audit was undertaken.
An intelligent web-application was designed to capture detailed information pertaining to business negotiations undertaken by client.
The result was that customized NDAs could be generated on-the-fly resulting in enhanced efficiency and cost savings.
The system is powered by technology that is well equipped to meet the future expansion needs of the Client.
KLexServe’s proprietary technology empowers the Client NDA requestors to generate approximately 60 NDAs concurrently, thereby significantly reducing the TAT.
The automation of the NDA generation resulted in reducing the attorney review requests drastically. Over the past couple of years, KLexServe’s legal team has been reviewing NDAs for all the divisions of the Client. The company’s attorneys have regularly advised requestors from different divisions on complex and diverse objections raised by third parties on various clauses in the NDA agreement and confirmed whether they are in the best interest of the Client and also in-line with the predefined Client guidelines.Our attorneys have always been prompt, creative and solution seeking in their NDA review approach.
The KLexServe NDA Generation system has resulted in substantial savings in costs (Administration & Attorney Review) to the tune of 50% - 75% in costs for the Client.
Implemented a more productive method to generate and manage NDAs, thereby maximizing efficiencies and reducing the operational costs.
The Client is delighted with the proactive & responsive customer services, provided by KLexServe. Our team is accessible 24 x 7 x 365 to provide high quality legal and technical support services to the Client and can be reached via various mediums of instant communication, i.e. emails, phone, fax.
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