KLexServe has established Strategic Alliance Partnerships with some of the leading companies in the field of corporate investigations, video surveillance, cyber security and surveillance, mobile interception units etc.

KLexServe is the Marketing Alliance Partner & System Integrator of Verint, the worldwide leader in networked video - An innovator in video technology and a leading video solution provider to government and critical infrastructure, education and corporate enterprise, transportation, retail, banking, and a host of other industries.

Our strategic alliances enable us to draw upon the rich and diversified experience of experts in the fields of Information Security, Legal, Cyber Surveillance, Internet Communication & Technology (ICT) and the best practices adopted by the leading security/corporate investigation agencies of the USA such as CIA and FBI to provide the highest quality of information security consulting and other allied services at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.
The portfolio of services provided by KLexServe includes but is not limited to:
Cyber Crime Investigations
Email Tracing
Video Surveillance
Cyber Digital Forensics
Recovering Deleted Evidence
IT (Amendment) Act, 2008 Consultancy and Advisory
Training on Indian Cyber Laws
Training on Cyber Crime Investigations
Strategic Security Consulting Services including sourcing of Security Gadgets/ Equipments and Technology
Cyber Surveillance
Server Hosting Services
Design development and implement state-of- the-art robust, secure and smart applications such as Criminal database management system (CDMS), Complaint Management System (CMS) etc.
The Security Product Portfolio of KLexServe includes but is not limited to:
X-Ray Baggage Scanners
RFID Solutions
GPS based solutions
State-of-the-art Access Control Systems
Time and Attendance System
Fire Alarm and Detection
Fire Suppression
Human Body Scanners
Metal Detection
Explosive Detection
Electronic Surveillance
Video Surveillance
Secure Network Architecture Design
Server Hardening
Corporate training; security & Investigation
IT Act 2000 Consulting & Compliance
Cyber Forensics
Wi – Fi Security
Please request for a free online demonstration of our developed prototypes and ready to implement solutions.
Call us at +91 - 124 - 4545222 or mail us at support@klexserve.com
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